Bulk cast discounted signet rings

  • deep seal engraving of a horse
  • half face engraved signet rings
  • star set cz silver signet ring

A selection of popular heraldic designs to select from

Deep seal style engraving suitable to make wax impressions 

Laser engraved crest utilising less expensive medium weight  lost wax cast signet rings

Half engraved option as per photo may include SINGLE initial free

Star set option as per CZ photo ( fake diamond ) or genuine Sapphire or Garnet

lost wax cast medium weight signet rings

  • Cast in batches of 20 to reduce cost, hallmarked as required MEDIUM WEIGHT average weight between 5 and 8 grams

  • Each ring is cast plain, re sized to suit your finger size and then engraved to order with the crest etc , or drilled and stone set

  • laser engraving from my own stock tried and tested popular designs free : CUSTOM CREST £195.00

  • Recycled gold and silver may in some instances have been used in the production and therefore may have tiny imperfections

Selecting The Image To Engrave

You may select any crest ( NOT COAT OF ARMS ) found in the listing above , or any other CREST found within my website

( CHECK GALLERY ) Please copy the image from my website and email it to me after placing order and making payment