Initials, Stones, Half Engraved, Masonic

  • Optional extra's when ordering signet ring
  • 3 initials engraved signet ring
  • half face engraved signet rings
  • we make signet rings from scrap gold
  • masonic relief engraved heavyweight 9ct gold signet ring
  • sceollwork engraved signet ring shoulders
  • celtic engraved shoulders signet ring
  • floral carved shoulders signet ring
  • half engraved cushion shape signet ring
  • square and compass engraved on shoulders

Other services optional extra

Monograms and initials engraved

Half engraved scrollwork

Masonic deep relief engraving

Star set faceted gem stones

Good quality clear diamonds

Moissanite are man made lab created stones which are more fiery than most diamonds

and look exceptional when star set , photo is Moissanite NOT DIAMOND

Optional Extra's

  • Please note can only be purchased in addition to a ring ordered separately from my website ( NO RING INCLUDED )

  • Half engraved face and can include 1 initial if required

  • Masonic deeply engraved in relief with or without G

  • Initials and monograms laser engraved extra deeply and enhanced by hand ( longer lasting than machine or hand engraving )

  • Fully faceted gemstones in a traditional star setting ( professionally set NOT GLUED IN )

  • These services are not offerred when sending in your own jewellery