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What is the actual cost to manufacture a signet ring

How much doese it cost ( what is the cost price ) to make a signet ring ?

Have you ever wondered why some furniture stores have a double discount sale all the time ?

And why back in the old days all Gerald Ratners shops had a continual 1/2 price sale ?

In signet ring manufacturing those same principles still apply today so here's the reason why !

Bullion cost including V A T

Lets take one of my extra heavyweight 14mm X 12mm oval signet rings as an example

Made by my individual delft clay casting technique the casting produced will weigh appx 12 grams

and after a lot of filing finishing and polishing , and making to your size it will weigh appx 11 grams

If you click on this link to Cookson Gold and select 12 grams and UPDATE todays cost price will appear

including V A T in the top right corner of the page, on the 04 . January  . 2015 it was £150. 91

As a manufacturer like most other I add to this my labour charge lets say £100.00 for a round sum

And then taking into account some profit on the metal i use lets say 30% thats another £50.00 appx

So at this point as a manufacturer your signet ring is worth in the region of £300.00

The good old fashioned Recomended retail price

But thats not the end of the story because as a retailer we need to add some more

Some clever politition many years ago got rid of the RRP and so now we have a free for all

Many high street shops will have purchased the ring not from me but from a wholesaler, he or she has

put on their 30% profit , and then the shop will normally double the price so now it is £780.00

But as a manufacturer who is also a retailer with no RRP i could have a SSP of £1500.00 if i want

Then i can have it on sale in one remote shop on the Island of Sky, for 3 months at that price in rediness

So come November i can have a half price sale for Christmas £750.00

And in January I can put on my double discount sale to get rid of excess stock £375.00

Buy direct from the manufacture no middle man or wholesalers profit

Buy direct from the manufacturer over the internet No overheads No staff or shop rent to pay

To cover my time replying to emails, developing and updating my website, and a few small expenses

that coffee machine cost's a fortune to run, and £250.00 per week re paying the loan for the new engraving machine

Most of my other machinery and tools are now 40 years old, jewellers tools are not cheap to replace!

trips to the Assay Office for hallmarking, buying bullion, and to other suppliers, often done by special delivery post

so all in all lets average that out at say 30% and you can buy the same ring from me for £390.00

and thats all year round, £15.00 dearer than the double discount price from ??????????

If you choose to order a Die stamped signet ring, the price will be dearer even from me

Here's a Cookson Gold link to get a rough idea of cost for that, you can calculate the rest yourself !

I have been asking Cookson Gold NOT to display trade prices to the public for 4 years

in my opinion it makes a total mockery of the trade as a whole, and is why i developed my own

unique delft clay casting technique so that i can provide you my loyal customers an affordable alternative

Save even more money : send me your old gold, brocken un used jewellery and i will make your ring directly from it

customers  often tell me shop keepers have said my price is too good to be true

Its true the age old saying " if it looks to good to be true it probably is "  
All I can say in my defence is I have very low overheads, and I am not greedy if I charged the same as shops I would feel
just a little bit selfish to be honest the sort of people who can afford to pay double tend to go to a high street shop or
Harrods or Garrards, Bottles or Mappin & Webb I doubt I would sell to many items at the same prices here

If you prefer to buy over a shop counter face to face I perfectly understand and can highly recommend 
Rebus in Leather Lane , Just off Hatton Garden London EC1
Their average price for a 9ct gold gents crest engraved signet ring is in region of £800.00
It will be similar in quality as my die stamped rings, and their crest engraving is second to none !
By all means tell them I reccomended them, Just say Viv, after all it is them who do my hand engraving !

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