Most engraving services only provided on my own products 
There are exceptions to every rule ! before sending your own product for engraving I will need to see photographs clearly showing the thickness and quality, more importantly the hallmark !
Minimum charge applied to non trade clients sending their own jewellery £220.00 

Initials engraved by either Laser (in house) or hand engraved by R H Wilkins

Monogram kk initials engraved in signet rings extra deep

All engraving services provided are located at top of page headed "Engraving Service"

Click on image to left will take you directly to all engraving options for initials only.

Extra deep laser engraving service is provided by me, and therefore can be done sooner using popular fonts like vine monograms , monogram kk etc. infact any font you can find can be engraved

For an exceptional and bespoke service supply your own artwork in a large .jpg which i can convert to .svg

Family crest's (three dimensional image found at top of coat of arms)

lion holding sword crest engraved 9ct gold signet ring

Family crest engraving has surged back into popularity, I am inundated with requests usually at least 7 or 8 times per week for a crest engraved signet ring or cufflinks etc. 

Please note I am not an expert on Heraldry just a humble signet ring and wedding ring manufacturer, although having over 40 years experience and having provided possibly a thousand or so rings with crest's and coats of arms , each and every one is based on information provided by the client, i will not accept any responsibilty if the design engraved later turns out to be totally unrelated to your family , just be thankfull it was not tatooed on your body rather than a ring.

I will however be delighted to assist you in any way if you would prefer to have an " EMBLEM OF NOW " designed.  

Family Coat Of Arms engraved by laser at appx 1/2 the cost of seal engraving by hand

18mm x 15mm oval 9ct gold signet ring  engraved with Crick family  Coat Of Arms

I do not offer a hand engraving service for Coat Of Arms, WHY ? simple it is so expensive when carried out correctly by a seal engraver it seldom cost less than the signet ring itself average cost would be £650.00 to £1000.00

Although there are plenty of hand engravers providing surface engraving for a more reasonable price my own in house laser engraving technique is the service I prefer to supply , after all , the results though a little clinical are actually generally more detailed and intricate and with a little gentle polishing often resemble a hand engraving anyway.

A further benefit being that once the artwork is drawn and the laser settings done subsequent engravings are far less expensive, generally £95.00 for subsiquent engravings singly, or £150.00 when an identical pair like cufflinks.

Masonic symbols laser engraved deeply and accurately

Masonic signet ring with lodge name numbers & date

Please remember when looking at the photo's that your image on the screen is far bigger than the actual 16mm x 13mm oval face of the signet ring.

For a hand engraver to engrave letters and numbers appx 1mm tall and deeply enough to last is a very rare skill.

The laser will penetrate to about 1mm even where the lettering is extremely fine and will last far longer than traditional surface engraving done by either hand or Diamond Dragg machine engraving.

The detail is very fine, in most circumstances will  become more visible and clearer with wear as shine fades.

Clan badges laser engraved to order into any of my stock products

Clan badges laser engraved into signet rings and cufflinks

New service available from February 2015, I will require the customer to supply their own design, or to confirm that the clan badge design I have is correct before engraving.

I have no experience whatsoever of clan badges or Scottish history, I do however have hundreds of designs on a disc with a family name associated to each, these images I will forward to you for your acceptance.

To obtain the best possible result the design will require to be re drawn in vector graphics which make it possible to add 3D elements such as the hedgehog, Bitmaps such as .jpg can be used but may produce poor results.

Please post materials etc. to

Handmade By Me

Po BOX 782 Rickmansworth WD3 0NL

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