Signet rings made from your own gold

Send me your old gold jewellery, sentimental family unused items 

Send Me Your Old Gold & For Either Environmental, Sentimental Reasons

I will make your signet ring directly from your metal using my own variation of delft clay casting

For heavyweight gold signet rings I will require appx 6 grams of 9ct or 12 grams of 18ct more than the
finished weight of your signet ring, which will be returned to you, or I will deduct the value from your invoice

As a rough guide most ladies rings in 9ct will require 12 grams of 9ct or 20 grams of 18ct

Gents rings being considerably heavier anticipate between 15 to 20 grams in 9ct or 30+ grams in 18ct

If you look at the photo you can clearly see where the excess metal goes, if however you do not have
sufficient metal, I will use my own materials to make up the excess which I can recycle afterwards
so there will be no extra charge assuming you have provided the finished weight + filings

Rough casting top photo - same ring finished and engraved last phot

Although every ring is different based on one of my
standard oval or cushion shape signet rings

9ct signet rings will on average cost £150 Plus any additional metal charge

18ct signet rings on average £200.00 Plus any additional metal charge


Rough delft clay casting

cast signet ring from own gold

Cast signet ring prior to any work to it, the sprues will be cut off then the ring is cut and made to required finger size, this is all done before the ring is filed by hand to shape to preserve as much of the thickness and weight otherwise lost when re sizing a ring which has already been finished and polished in a bigger or smaller finger size.

Piece cut out join closed and hard gold soldered

Signet ring cut to size and join soldered

Sprues have been roughly filed away, this ring has been cut and approximately 3 sizes (width of 2 x £1.00 coins) removed, carefully bent to close join and then hard gold soldered.

Correctly done in yellow gold this join will seldom be visible to the naked eye, however in white metals (ie) Silver, Palladium & White Gold all joins will become evident often in  a very short period of time, it is therefore essential this is carried out carefully insuring a close parallel tight join to limit the join visibility.

Making rings bigger by soldering in a section with 2 joins should be avoided if at all possible, something I seldom do !

Almost finished ready for laser engraving

Partly finished cast signet ring

close to finished this is a similar signet ring to the  first photo an 18mm x 15mm 9ct gold heavyweight oxford oval appx 14 or 15 grams when finnished in a size Q. 

At this stage it is ready for laser engraving which I do before the signet ring is polished, again preserving as much weight and thickness as possible.

If the signet ring is going to be Hand crest or seal engraved it will be polished first, they seldom require more than a gentle polish after hand engraving, the engraving its self requires no polishing at all, every cut has a natural shine.

18mm x 15mm 18ct gold finished and engraved by laser

18ct yellow gold laser coat of arms engraved signet ring

Almost identical signet ring to the two larger examples above but made from customers own 18ct gold which was sent all the way from Australia as he could not find the service over there.

The signet ring in this photo is an 18mm x 15mm oxford in a finger size S and weighed appx 22 grams

His Vyvyan Coat of Arms I laser engraved in 3D providing wax impression capabilty, all this for just £550.00 including Airsure postage to Australia

Insurance estimate for this signet ring is in region of £2,200.00 similar in 9ct gold £1200.00