A Family Emblem Of Now or Coat Of Arms Inherited

Researching your history to determine which coat of arms is yours 

I am repeatedly being asked if i will  research a family Coat Of Arms or Family Crest

Simple answer to this is yes I can, but at what cost hours of my time looking up your family tree & heritage 

Or doing as others generally do, and type into Google " what is the coat of arms for Williams " result  same as you would find

I like to speak plain English & I will not  lie to get your order !

I will only engrave the design supplied by client , I do not want to be held responsible for engraving incorrect designs

my Family emblem content 

I am not entitled to a Coat Of Arms by heritage so I invented my own Emblem to portray my hobbies interests & business

Well with a name like Vivian & being male lets start of by replacing the helmet and fluer de lise with Vyvyan's head from the tv series " The Young Ones " complete with studs in his forehead.

Within the shield  2  crossed windlasses (lock keys)  signifying the two of us together, husband and wife relaxing  on our narrowboat

The narrowboat being our home from home, and our escape from pestering customers, the internet & computers,  also included !!

The Delorean car from the film "Back To The Future" from where my trading name comes

Last but not least a signet ring, after all thats how I make my living, to pay for all the above

Ribbons banner & Mantling

What about those fancy ribbons and that banner below with my latin motto

In heraldry the scribe would have designed the mantling around the shield shape, crest and banner to look pleasing incorporating charges if relevant, lions staggs etc

To keep cost of artwork down, I have a small selection already drawn you may use as a starting point, or draw your own for us to copy. If you have pets cats dogs & even bunnies could replaces the charges.

My Cockney father allways used to exclaim "LLAMEDOS" has a nice ring to it as the motto, it's a little known villiage in Wales, we used to holliday there every year when I was a child, next to Stopathome.

The final design 

Family emblem & company logo of Deloreanjeweller

When a  Coat Of Arms was designed, they would not have considered how it would fit on a modern day 14mm x 12mm signet ring or cufflinks.

Olde world signet rings used as seals were HUGE.

Using a stock design as the basis, the Bill For My Drawing was £100.00 no edits were required I gave Sean " carte blanche " do what he wanted, drawn within a 14 x 12 oval as it would fit on a signet  ring.

There is a lot of detail in my design, it was  all drawn from scratch, using stock heraldic beasts & other stock elements is cheaper.

Drawings even vector graphics supplied by clients are seldom suitable 

Poppy in jpg which will convert to svg

My Emblem  image above is only a bitmap .jpg as websites will not display the vector graphic, which I can assure you is extremely detailed and as my laser engraving machine requires vector graphic artwork in either .svg .dxf format .jpg etc are of no use what so ever. likewise taking a .jpg and converting it in Coreldraw or Illustrator will not result in the same quality or detail. This is why you will see lots of laser engraved jewellery which is  no where near as good as others, taking short cuts to make it cheaper results in inferior quality engraving.

If you have a very simple logo design or something like the poppy thick independant lines drawn in BLACK on a WHITE background these drawings can be converted in about a minute to .svg and will be suitable for a simple deep line by line engraving but to achieve the varying depths and intricate layering in a coat of arms converted images are not even worth me spending a few minutes of my time to try ! Likewise badly drawn vector graphics will not work seldom is a  clients own artwork suitable.

Sean who doese my artwork for me will provide an estimate to draw your design, based on the information you provide me, seldom less than £50.00 as he charges £25.00 per hour, but if you can draw in rough or put together a collage like the customer did below its a good starting point.

Client has very kindly allowed me to use her own collage and subsiquent results

  • Customers collage of her desired crest design
  • Bitmap copy of my graphic artists drawing in vector graphics
  • Laser colour set up to engrave
  • The result pair of ladies cort shape classic crest engraved betroval rings

This was the very first time a customer has cut out and taped a collage together to send me to work from, it is exactly the idea I had in mind when setting up this page.

These were used as wedding rings made in a fairly large size 14 x 12 classic court shape in 9ct yellow gold.

We were given artistic license and the result was outstanding, a challenge from start to finish making my work more enjoyable.

The customer has left feedback in my customer comments page dated December 16, 2014 in the name of Sandra CLICK HERE FOR FEEDBACK PAGE

First picture customers collage, 2nd picture .jpg of Sean's artwork, picture 3 is laser set up in colour, picture 4 is photo of one of the two identical finnished rings. at a total cost of £850.00

to the best of my Knowledge Below are the only people qualified to Confirm Entitlement

College of arms logo

Click on image it will take you to College Of Arms who will research your coat of arms properly 
They will provide you with a beautifully hand drawn coat of arms a  crest design for a ring a complete history

Anticipate an invoice for a few hundred pounds,  unlike a google search if like me you are not entitled , they will tell you honestly or they will apply on your behalf for a grant of arms, anticipate a few thousand pounds to do so.

Please post materials etc. to

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