Selecting the correct head size signet ring

My signet rings are substantial a good 14 x 12 is bigger than a thin 15 x 13

  • examples of different head size signet rings on pinky finger
  • Court shape contemporary 16mm x 13mm heavyweight signet ring

They say one mans meat is another mans poisen, and that is so true of signet rings, I often get ladies ordering a 16mm x 13mm ring for their pinky finger in as small a finger size as size G or H,  However  when I get an order for a mans ring in an 11mm x 9mm or 12mm x 10mm  considered an unlikely match I will recommend sending out samples , I have been wrong !

In general for a ladies pinky finger order a 11mm x 9mm or 12mm x 10mm
Ladies signet finger (wedding finger) order a 12mm x 10mm or 13mm x 11mm :  Or for a statement ring a 14mm x 12mm court shape classic as below is often a good alternative.

Most popular mans pinky ring finger signet ring is 14mm x 12mm
Signet ring finger (wedding finger) 16mm x 13mm or 18mm x 15mm

Just as a guide with my large hands I wear a 18mm x 15mm ring on my little finger.

The rings featured are all contemporary shape, if you have very slim fingers or short fingers a classic style ring may suit you better, with narrower shoulders and narrower but thicker shank

Thumbnail picture (CLICK TO ENLARGE) is a 16mm x 13mm contemporary court shape

Court shape oxford oval signet ring for ultimate comfort : photos of Classic court ring

  • court shape classic oxford oval 18ct gold signet rings
  • heavyweight thick shank signet rings made in England
  • side view of classic oxford oval signet ring
  • court shape signet ring rounded on the inside
  • side view of gold court shape classic signet rings
  • Court shape classic oxford oval signet rings in gold and silver handmade in england

Seldom will your hear retailers offering this style of signet ring which has an apposing curve on the inside of the head and shank. " I would prefer to make every signet ring this way ! "

I like to describe the court shape as the "Rolls Royce of signet rings" it makes them more comfortable to wear & although bulkier than most rings which are usually flat on the inside because of the inner curvature they pull down into your finger making them look more delicate than they actually are. "Perfect for a ladies statement ring making bigger head size practical"

So why do you seldom see them for sale ?  "Simples" they are more difficult to make and take longer, are very wastefull on meterial and mass producers just can not get the shape and proportions right.  And in a die stamping are exorbitantly expensive at shop prices.

Any heavyweight ring I sell including wedding rings can be provided court shape, cost is generally  £50.00 more than the basic. Usually  I file the shape by hand into a standard heavyweight die stamped ring after it has been partly made and correctly sized, I do however have a selection of stock patterns in the most popular 12mm x 10mm , 13mm x 11mm , 14mm and 15.5mm ovals.

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