Sterling Silver 925 Hallmarked Family Crest Signet Rings

925 Silver  family Crest  14mm x 12mm Oxford Oval Signet Ring appx. 9 grams

most popular mans pinky finger signet ring

Signet rings engraved with family crest or coat of arms have been traditionally given as a special gift to men / boys on either their 18th or 21st birthday for generations. 14mm x 12mm oxford oval most popular

Now available in sterling silver thanks to laser engraving technology.

Unfortunately with gold prices now roughly 3 times higher than  they were 10 or 12 years ago, and the traditional Hatton Garden workshops where this work has been performed for as long as I can remember having suffered massive rent and rates increases , hand engraving crest signet rings is rapidly becoming a dying trade like many others.

With over 40 years experience of hand making heavyweight silver signet rings in both contemporary & classic styles , and the ability to laser engrave crest's and Coat Of arms in my own secluded Hertfordshire workshop I am now reviving an age old tradition at an affordable price.

Hand engraved mens crest signet ring in silver  Start from £385.00

Bespoke  laser crest engraved sterling silver signet's start at £205.00

Ladies size signet rings in mans weights

Why is it expected that ladies want a thin lightweight signet ring, based on what clients tell me most of the offerings they see are "Pathetic"

This is so simple to explain, though difficult to understand, but if you take an average quality silver signet ring that was intended to be size T and size it down to finger size D to H the head gets dramatically curved.

In order to crest engrave a signet ring by hand the head should be as flat as possible and having filed the re-sized ring flat it is generally so thin in the center that it will not be suitable to crest engrave.

The silver signet rings specially designed for crest and seal engraving by hand have 3mm thick heads, and subsiquently thicker and heavier shoulders and shanks, once sized down very small and filed flat are generally no less than 2mm thick , giving the engraver adequate material to carve deeply, made from a process known of as "Die Stamping" are roughly 3 times  the price of making  cast signet rings.

Silver signet rings I produce for laser engraving are similar in weight and thickness, cost roughly 1/2 the price, an affordable alternative.

Ladies Sterling silver 925 coat of arms signet rings & crest engraved signet rings
most Popular 12.8mm x 11mm  appx 7 grams in 9ct

ladies sterling silver 925 crest engraved signet ring

Which Option Of Crest Engraved Sterling Silver 925 Signet Ring Is Right For You ?

I can not answer this question, I can however guide you in the right direction at the end of the day my laser engraved offerings are a compromise.

If you want to buy a "Rolls Royce" quality hand crest engraved signet ring, you can go to Garrards or Harrods, even Mappin and Webb where the average price for a Silver signet ring with your bespoke family crest or Coat Of arms will cost you £600.00 or £950.00 for a coat of arms engraved

There are plenty of Internet sellers providing cheaper alternatives. A few specialist manufacturers who will provide the same direct for £550.00

Likewise I can provide you with a superior quality Die Stamped signet ring, hand crest engraved by R H Wilkins in Hatton Garden, from  £400.00

I can produce a heavyweight signet ring individually cast and handmade by me, laser crest engraved in 3D from £215.00 ladies or £225.00 gents

Personally going back to the starting paragraph of this page, if you are giving a silver crest signet ring to a teenager or a 21 year old on their birthday, is tradition that important, my laser engraved silver signet rings are most impressive, and at my prices you could buy a matching pair of cufflinks as well.

A true deep reverse crest engraved silver signet ring will produce a nice wax impression to keep in a box in the living room drawer to get out and admire on the aniversary of their birthday, my laser version may or may not, but will be clearer to admire in the ring itself on a daily basis , your choice.

Die Stamping or Casting , which to choose , what is the difference ?

Mass produced lightweight castings are useless, my heavyweight castings are more than adequate HOWEVER die stamping produces  a denser material it is actually harder wearing than a casting, when making a rasor thin piece of jewellery, or a signet ring with a thin shank a casting  will bend and buckle easily, where as a heavier casting will be more resiliant and less likely to bend. A die stamping is even better and adviseable.

My ladies cast silver signet rings have a minimum 1.25mm thick shanks , and on average 2mm thick shanks on mans signet rings no risk of you bending those, and as they wear less, it will be a good 40 or more years of hard wear before they become as thin as most cheaper signet rings started out. Again a die stamping will out last them all, as long as a nice thick version as mine are, the same standard supplied by Harrods  etc.

I carry a small stock of Sterling silver die stamped signet rings these will usually cost you appx twice as much as the equivalent cast silver  signet ring , the engraving charges stay the same, which means in general mine will be half the price you would pay one of my competitors for a  sterling silver die stamped  signet ring which has been hand engraved with your family crest or Coat Of arms.

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