Laser Reverse Crest Engraving A Signet Ring (Seal Engraving)

The Finished Ring In The last Video After Enhancing By Hand

Sterling silver hallmarked 13mm x 11mm signet ring finger size H

9ct gold 13.8mm x 12mm classic court delft clay cast signet ring

The flamingo crest is a repeat engraving i have produced 3 times for the original client 

also sold as a stock design to numerous other clients

 drawing of A Family  crest in vector graphics

After drawing in vector graphics image is ready to import into laser software for engraving

 please note the video is of a simplified design, this WILL NOT produce a reverse seal type crest engraving

The laser engraving machine engraving into silver signet ring

Please note flamingo crest in this video was drawn specifically to produce a reverse crest engraving

The engraving will look rough , matt almost white & burnt black in the deepest parts of the design

Watch the video carefully and every now and again you will see black smoke extracted , this is silver residue

Enhancing & improving the engraving by hand with 400,000 RPM Rotary tool

I am sorry to say trying to get a good quality video of this process will have to wait till a later date

These video's were created by me ! , my ability to make and engrave jewellery way exceeds my video skills

Hopefully at some time my friendly photographer will video better ones for me , though I may have retired by then (smiley face)