• Assorted Masonic symbols engraved signet rings
    9ct Gold
  • square and compass masonic signet ring
    9ct Gold
  • triple tau sholders on masonic signet ring
    9ct Gold
  • carved shoulders masonic signet ring
    9ct Gold
  • Simple square and compas engraved signet ring
    9ct Gold
  • Square and compas with lodge number below
    9ct Gold
  • Deep relief engraved masonic signet ring
    9ct Gold
  • Lodge number name masonic rings
    9ct Gold
  • Fancy background masonic signet rings
    9ct Gold
  • 3 initials engraved
    9ct Gold

9ct Gold Masonic Signet Ring

14mm x 12mm popular pinky finger ring mens

16mm x 13mm signet finger

All my rings are first made to your specified finger size partially finished prior to laser engraving design , for exceptional detail

The engraving is extra deep to last and is as crisp as in my photos.

Please note these photos are of real rings not computer generated

 although some are of gold rings which have been edited to look like silver. 100% satisfaction or your money back !

Exceptional quality sand cast heavyweight signet rings

  • Cast individually by hand and indistiguishable from the vastly more expensive die stampings that are essential for hand engraving

  • Heavyweight version  in excess of 2.0mm thick heads and 2mm thick shanks make them porosity free and harder wearing

  • Yag Galvo Fiber laser engraving is unlike any other form of machine engraving , often far deeper than hand engraving

  • All my rings are made from preciouse metals supplied by the UK's biggest bullion company and fully UK hallmarked

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