Video of Vector Drawing

Auto tracing of a black and white image to produce a pictorial engraving

Vector graphic drawing of crest

I get people telling me that laser engraving should be cheap

because its just a case of auto tracing the image

which only takes a minute in vector software

Auto tracing will only produce a picture

 To produce a 3D wax impression multiple depths are required

A bigger higher definition photo of a wax or image of crest is better

comparison high definition crest photo

Click on the image to zoom in and the difference is clear

The larger I can make the image without distortion

the more accurately I can trace the detail

Especially important when drawing eyes and crowns etc

A very quickly produced demo of vector drawing

This is not a " how to " video , more a " how not to video "

It would be unwise for me to show the exact drawing process I developed myself

And as an average crest drawing can take up to 4 hours the video would be to long

Fortunately unlike a hand engraver repeat engravings take a fraction of the time 

I reserve the right to re use every design unless customer specifies otherwise

and then like a hand engraver the cost will be hourly based and roughly £300.00

After laser engraving there is still work to be done !

The laser burns out the metal with extreme heat

Evaporating the metal which is extracted as smoke

Although the detail is all evident in the Blue Tack impression 

A raised burnt edge ( removed prior to main photo ) and the rusty brown

residue is removed by hand enhancing the design further 

with a high speed rotary drill and 0.30mm dental type burrs

This takes patience and skill to avoide damaging the fine detail

The ring being engraved in video above also my main header photo

To clarify one other issue raised by many crest engravers

The 4 rings in my header photo were cast from clients

own sentimental gold " obsolete jewellery "

Initially cast perfectly plain the Celtic design in shoulders is also laser engraved 

If what other people say was true

 " all cast rings are porouse "

This sort of detail would not be possible

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